International Buddy Program​

International Buddy Program​

Adjusting to a new cultural environment can be exciting and challenging. New International Students and Interns at Nusa Putra University often have a lot of questions and concerns during their first weeks on campus. The International Buddy Program was created to ease the transition, with current Indonesian and International Students helping New International Students / Interns.

Social mentoring for International Students / Interns

The International Buddy Program will run around 1 week, 2022. After the pairing is complete, International Students / Interns can benefit from a personalized welcome, thanks to their local Buddies. It includes: support for administrative procedures, one-to-one visit of the city and place of study. To sum up, he/she can be helped when needed.

The participants will also be added to a Cultural Adaptation Course

We promote:

ü  Individual connections between current students and new International Students / Interns

ü  Building a globally minded community

ü  Peer support in finding ways to be actively involved on campus

What can new International Students / Interns expect for joining the International Buddy Program?

ü  Connect with a current NPU student (Buddy) on arriving

ü  Get a personal tour of campus and resources (inside and outside the campus)

ü  Explore cultural differences in studying and living at Nusa Putra University

ü  Join large group events with current International  and  Indonesian students


ü  Lots of fun activities