Frequently asked Questions

1. Where will I stay when attending Nusa Putra University? Will I need to make my own accommodations?

Interns will have accommodations (housing) set up for them at the Nusa Putra Residence which is the name of the dormitories. First year international students will also have accommodations (housing) set up for them at the Nusa Putra Residence, those accommodations include shared and single rooms. Second year students will have to find their own accommodations (housing) moving forward until graduation (completion of their studies).

2. How will I get to Sukabumi from the airport after I arrive?

Nusa Putra University will send a driver to pick you up upon your arrival in Jakarta. To ensure that the driver arrives in a timely fashion you need to email or WhatsApp your travel itinerary to your contact at Nusa Putra University.

3. Is there a dress code I need to keep in mind while I am on campus?

Yes, due to Sukabumi’s regional culture norms, you may wear what you like except for: sandals (open-toed shoes), shorts, as well as sleeveless shirts such as tank-tops. Modesty is important to keep in mind when dressing while attending campus.

4. How do I wash my clothes while I am living in the Nusa Putra Residence?

While the Residence does not have washer and dryer units, you could either hand wash your clothes or utilize one of the several laundry services that are located within walking distance of the Residence. A nearby suggestion is: Indo Express Laundry (Cisaat)

5. How do I get to campus for my lectures/internship? Can I walk? 

Yes, you can walk to campus, but the roads have low walkability along the route to get to campus from the Residence due to a lack of sidewalks. It is recommended that students and interns take the bus (angkot). The bus is accessible via a short walk from the Residence to the main road. Some tips to help your commute: you will be looking for a teal-colored bus (not the bright green or dark blue-colored bus), when entering the bus confirm with the driver that you are intending to go to “Nusa Putra”, when leaving campus you will ride the same colored bus again but you will confirm with the driver that you are going to “Cisaat” (that is the stop closest to the Residence). The cost of the bus ride to campus is 5,000IDR and 5,000IDR to go back to Cisaat. On average you will spend 50,000IDR ($3.20 USD) weekly to commute back and forth from campus.

6. Can I drink the water in my dormitory? Is it safe to use for other typical uses? 

No, the water here in Indonesia is not safe for consumption. However, clean water is supplied in the form of a water cooler for every dormitory and when the container runs out you can place an order for a new container at the store across the street from the security post where they will deliver it to your door so long as you specify your dormitory number. The tap water is safe to use for cleaning clothes, washing yourself (avoid getting the water in your eyes and mouth), and washing your dirty dishes (only with the use of dish soap).

7. Is cultural awareness important to my stay here in Sukabumi and Indonesia? 

Yes, you should be aware of some of the cultural norms of the people here in both Sukabumi and Indonesia. Some key examples are:

    • When people greet each other, exchange money, and eat; it is done with the right hand which is customary to the Islamic faith. Keep in mind that Indonesia has the highest concentration of Muslims outside of the Middle East so many customs and practices are based upon this premise.
    • Indonesians tend to be indirect with how they communicate, both in the business realm and personal. This may be uncommon from conversation norms for students with other countries of origin. It is important to remain patient during these discussions as to not come across as rude while you may just be direct in the matter.
    • While Indonesian or Bahasa is the nationally recognized language for Indonesia, be aware that there are more than 700 local languages spoken in the country. These languages are characterized by the area or region in which they are found.
8. Do I need a visa to study or complete my internship at Nusa Putra University? If so, how do I go about obtaining one?

Yes, a student visa is required for both international students and interns to attend Nusa Putra University. The following link will go over all the details associated with the study visa:

9. Are there any rules or regulations pertaining to staying at the Nusa Putra Residence? If so, what are they?

Yes, there are rules and regulations regarding a student’s/intern’s stay at the dormitories. Below is a picture of the rules created by the Residence security staff:

For further information regarding questions this page may not have specified please use the following International Relation Office’s contact information:
Email: [email protected]
WhatsApp: +62 856 9167 0756