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Nusa Putra University was established in 2007 as a new institute in a field of science & technology in Sukabumi, West Java. Among other competitors Nusa Putra University  aims to become a gathering place for learning as well as conductive discussions between generations. One of the goals is to establish a birthplace for the great leaders who are independent, creative, motivated and have strong moral pillars. Still, as a new institution, our college is evolving, educating students to improve existing deficiencies, reforming studying modules, raising the awareness among students and lecturers to reach a higher standard.

Nusa Putra aims to become a gathering place for learning and discussion between generations, a birthplace of great leaders who are empathetic, creative in finding new ideas, innovative in life and consistent with lofty ideals to maintain the moral perfection. Building a robust generation is not easy, and that is why Nusa Putra keep fixing the existing deficiencies, improving learning models, lecturers and facilities for more comfort.

Nusa Putra students are invited to collaborate in the world of academic networks and professional organizations to help them build a successful career after graduation. Several universities and students have an international cooperation with  Nusa Putra College in order to help students absorb new knowledge about professional networks between countries. Students from Russia, Australia, Canada, England, Netherland, Italia, Hungary, Spain, Slovakia, France, Romania, Finland, Poland, Lithuania, Germany, Portugal and Scotland, have studied and internships in Nusa Putra College.

Study Program 

  • Management
  • Accounting
  • Law
  • Teacher Training
  • Informatics Engineering
  • Information System Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Visual Communications Design
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering