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Full Degree

The academic year at Nusa Putra University is divided into two semesters:

  1. Spring Semester start: February 19, 2024
  2. Fall Semester start: September 20, 2021- February 6, 2022

Currently, Nusa Putra University (UNsP) offers ten undergraduate (S1) and 1 master(S2) programs


Admission of Nusa Putra University students opens registration for new students from March 1, 2021, to August 28, 2021

Tuition Fees:

Regular degree programs per semester (approximately)

Undergraduate/Bachelor(S1)        : IDR 10 million

Master (S2)  : IDR 25 million

Student Exchange

Experience is exciting for your life because the many experiences you get will make your life more colorful. Nusa Putra University opens student exchange programs for students from all over the world. During your study period at Nusa Putra University, you will get much valuable experience. Nusa Putra University welcomes prospective students to take part in student exchanges with undergraduate programs.

Nusa Putra University opens student exchanges with a duration of one to two semesters. The semester at Nusa Putra University starts in February for Spring / Even semester and September for Fall / Odd semester. The Student Exchange Program is an undergraduate program for management and information systems study programs. For students who will take regular courses, students are expectedto send an application for the exchange program to the University of Nusa Putra three months before the start date of the lecture. In this regular exchange program, only accommodation costs are given while here and at Nusa PutraUniversity.


Nusa Putra University opens opportunities for international students to undertake an internship program with a minimum duration of three months. As long as you are here, you will have unforgettable experiences apart from studying and working. Besides studying and working on campus, you will also learn about the Sukabumi people's culture, the potential of natural resources, and much more. In this Internship program, we will cover your accommodation costs while here for campus activities or events. In this Internship program, we open every month. If you are interested, please send your best Curriculum Vitae to our email address [email protected].

We look forward to welcoming you here, and we will make your life experience more colorful.

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