The aim of this program is to give you a complete understanding of Indonesia and on a larger scale, Southeast Asia. This program is perfect for someone who plans to live and study in West Java region or just wants to learn more about it. During 6 months, the student will learn about different aspect of Indonesia (history, culture, politics, philosophy, language, arts, etc.) and Southeast Asia (economy, business, etc.). This is your perfect chance to discover a new culture and get ready for the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) free trade market.

STT Nusa Putra provides the opportunity for foreign students to participate in the SIP program. The classes are conducted mostly in English.
The aim of this program is to deliver the solid knowledge of Indonesia, likewise South-East Asia. It´s an extensive chance to experience living in Indonesia within your recent / current study time or gap year if you´re fascinated by its culture either nature, people, language.SIP 1
During six months, the student will embrace various aspects of new culture, furthermore in case of future interest, equip himself / herself with valuable lessons about ASEAN market.
Students will be able to combine the academic program with a multiple cultural activities revealing Sundanese (western Java ) traditions as well as interact with local & fellow international students, interns.


SIP subjects:

Sundanese Art, Traditional Culture, Dance and Music

Numerous cultural classes are provided by local artists, craftsmen in the realistic environment.

  • Making Traditional Cloth (Batik Sukabumi)
  • Practical Traditional Dance (Sundanese dance)
  • Play traditional music instrument (Angklung & Gamelan)
  • Sundanese Martial Art (Pencak Silat)
  • Visit Oldest Sundanese cultureVillage ( Sinaresmi/ Ciptagelar)

Bahasa Indonesia ( Indonesian Language )


Indonesian for non-native speakers program (BIPA-program) is designed to train participants
to use standard Indonesian language in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Through
this program, the participants will not only be able to develop their language skills in both the
classroom and on the street but also learn first-hand about Indonesian society and culture.

The main syllabus of the course is to bring local language to practice very easily through oral practice and comprehension. The grammar, vocabulary are trained as inseparable parts of overall language knowledge.

International Class

Economy and Business of Indonesia
The curriculum covers the micro & macro economic environment within South-East Asia, especially Indonesia. The program focuses on the local business practice in comparison with abroad strategies.

Indonesian History, Ethnology, Culture and Social Exchange
This course examines the cultures which exist among Indonesia, diverse ethnics and religions. It approaches, equally explains its values, philosophy, customs & arts.

Indonesian Government and Politics of SE Asia
Pointing out on the different governments in SE Asia.

Philosophy of Indonesia and Civic Education
Students are given materials about policy, public law administration, the human rights.


Cultural Classes
Each intern receives the free opportunity to participate in the classes of Indonesian language: Bahasa Indonesia and other cultural aspects: Music, Dance, Batik… ( please see more Cultural Classes )

Shared accommodation is provided.