Team 1

Rector of Nusa Putra University – Dr. Kurniawan, ST, Msi, MM

Vision :

To reach the high standard among other national educational institutions till 2020 and obtain the world-class reputation till the year 2030 in the field of science and technology. Be a pioneer in the area which covers and generates intelligence, creativity, innovation and religion.

Mission :

  • Advance science and technology through educational, teaching and learning excellence and high quality.
  • Progress science and technology through study, research, publications and patenting the results of research.
  • The promotion of science and technology what can answer the problems along with the challenges of a community with its superior and high quality.
  • Develop a strong and innovative organization by utilizing the resources optimally, thus to contribute on the intellectual national life.
  • Master the growth in the science and technology industry in Indonesia which contributes to the creation of national independence.