Nusa Putra University of West of JAVA is a such yang university who as a dream to be known by the world. That’s the reason why the university is offering a scholarship for all the students around the world who is interested to live a unique study experience and contribute to the evolution of the university by giving opinion and idea from them own countries. The university offers graduate and undergraduate scholarship.


Courses given:

Bachelor Degree

  1. bachelor on Civil Engineering
  2. bachelor on Electrical Engineering
  3. bachelor on Visual communication design
  4. bachelor on Information Systems
  5. bachelor on Management
  6. bachelor on Technical Information

Master Degree

  1. Master on Computer science
    • 1st Semester
      • Advanced Networking
      • Advanced Database
      • Artificial  Intelligence
      • Software Engineering for Business
      • Research Methodology
    • 2nd Semester
      • Mobile Computing
      • Analyzes and Design Big Data
      • Signal Processing
      • Computational Intelligence
      • Advanced Mathematics
    • 3rd Semester – Concentration on Artificial Intelligence
      • Applied  Machine Learning & Pattern Recognition
      • Deep Learning for Visual Recognition
      • Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
      • Natural Language Processing
    • 3rd Semester – Concentration on Cyber Security
      • Network Penetration Testing
      • Computer and Network Security
      • Cryptography and its Applications
      • Information Security Management
    • Semester 3 and 4 : Master’s Research Project (2 Semester)


  • Free tuition fees,
  • 1.600.000 IDR/month of pocket money, with free accommodation
  • 2.000.000 IDR/month of pocket money, without accommodation


  •  Internationally


  • Indonesian and English


  • Eligible Countries: International students are invited to apply.

Bachelor program applicants eligible:

  •  The Applicants for the bachelor programs must be under 20 YEARS OLD

Master program applicants eligible: 

  • The Applicants for the Master programs must be under 25 YEARS OLD

Eligibility Criteria: The grant is open for:

  • Non-Indonesian international students with a valid passport are welcome to apply. A Master’s Degree program applicant should have a Bachelor’s degree.
  • A Bachelor Degree program applicant should have High School Diploma.


How to Apply

  • How to apply: To participate, the applicants need to submit an online application.
  • Supporting Documents: To apply, students must be ready to submit the following: CV, Personal statement, Degree certificate, Academic transcript, health certificate and score report (if applicable), two academic recommendation letters from scholars.
  • Language Requirement: The English language is required for the opportunity



  • Email:
  • Whatsapp: +62895413348042