Indonesian typical food.

Endless fields of rice can be found in Indonesia, and you are not wrong if you think that Indonesians eat rice in every meal (yes, even for breakfast). In fact, as a friend of mine would say: ‘A meal without rice, it is not a meal,’ so we could say that the most typical food in Indonesia is rice (and it would be true! you can even find rice in the McDonald’s!). Despite everything, Indonesian gastronomy is a lot more than that, full of flavors and incredibly spicy or sweet (or both, sometimes!). It is true that they would take rice with almost every dish, but it makes it a complete and nutritious meal.

In Indonesia, it is easy to find very cheap meals in places called ”warungs” (where they sell rice with anything, like tofu, tempeh, any vegetables, and meat…). Street food is also full of flavor. It is also a good idea to go to the market and get some exotic fruit (papayas, coconuts, mangos and dragon fruits are here as typical as apples in Europe). Indonesia is so wide that you will find different typical dishes in each region, but here there are some that you can´t miss:

Nasi Goreng

Guess what… yes, this is rice! Fried rice, actually (Nasi means rice and goreng fried). It is simple, but you can find Nasi goreng almost everywhere in the country. It is usually cooked with an egg and some herbs (and you can also add chicken).

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It is like a salad (a spicy one, unless you ask it without chili), some raw vegetables like cucumber and soy sprouts mixed with a delicious peanut sauce. They add to the meal some chips (called krupuk).


It is very similar to Karedok (the same sauce is used), but the vegetables are steamed.


Bakso is the name that they use for meatballs. They usually eat it with noodles (I said already that rice is the most common thing in Indonesia, right? Well, noodles would be the second).

Bubur Manado

Bubur would be translated as porridge (in fact, you can easily find bubur Ayam, wich is porridge with chicken). But this kind of porridge is the typical one from Manado in Sulawesi. If you go there, it is completely worth it to try it!

Fruit soup

Or Sop Buah, as they would call it. It is what it seems, some mixed fruits like mango, grapes, and avocado (yes, they use avocado as a fruit!) with dragon fruit and lots of sugar. Very sweet and refreshing!


It can be sweet (manis) with chocolate, banana or cheese; os it can be telor, usually with egg and chicken. It is like a huge, filled pancake.

But this is not all, Indonesia is full of street-food, and it is easy to find anything, from fried banana and Bala-Bala (fried vegetables) to fresh juices. Don’t be afraid and taste and experience every corner of the country!


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