Attending the 2022 MABIM Event, New Students from Tajikistan have hopes

The Student Guidance Period (MABIM) of Nusa Putra University (NPU) is attended by all new students, including foreign students. Foreign students were seen attending during the 2022 MABIM activities.

Nuqra Ramikhudoeva, a law student from Tajikistan, said that she was happy to have the opportunity to study at NPU with a full scholarship.

“I am very happy to have the opportunity to be with good and friendly people around me and I feel so comfortable with Indonesian people and enjoy its natural beauty. I will undergo higher education with specialized teachers, and I am very happy. I’m also happy because I got a full scholarship to study here, thank you,” he said.

“I hope my friends will be as good as now and will help me if I don’t know anything. And I hope I can learn Indonesian with them,” he added.

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