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New Term

September 2018 until February 2019 (6 Months) or March 2019 until August 2019 (6 Months)


AIP – Abroad Internship Program

Nusa Putra is looking for enthusiastic interns to join the international team. Our marketing department mainly focuses on promoting our technical college among the high schools and companies in Western Java region. We are currently seeking interns to participate in various divisions of

TIP – Teach Internship Program

  Nusa Putra is looking for the intern to join our English language teaching team. Our lecturers have a common aim to introduce, build on and embrace the foreign language skills in various forms to increase the level of English

SIP – Study Indonesia Program

The aim of this program is to give you a complete understanding of Indonesia and on a larger scale, Southeast Asia. This program is perfect for someone who plans to live and study in West Java region or just wants


Our Wonderfull City

Sukabumi The Sukabumi Regency is spread out in the southern part of West Java province, it is also one of the widest regency areas in West Java. Sukabumi means “The earth who gives a pleasure.” The area is popular for

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I am very grateful for having this opportunity and experienced all this amazing adventure.I have learned a lot about the culture,people and life in Indonesia.

Sergiu Huma from Romania

The SIP program gave me a complete understanding of Indonesia.I was able to visit many places around Sukabumi. I am really grateful for everything.

Lucile Gueguen from France

Nusa Putra College Of Technology

Nusa Putra aims to become a gathering place for learning and discussion between generations, a birthplace of great leaders who are empathetic, creative in finding new idea